Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Quarter- Life Crisis?

Just like a mid-life crisis affects the middle-aged, the quarter-life crisis affects people in their 20s and 30s. Some common characteristics of quarter-life crisis are feeling that:

  • Your career path is dull and boring.
  • You feel that you’re going to be caught out, that you’re not good enough.
  • You’re insecure about reaching aspirations and goals.
  • You’re frustrated with a lack of direction and no sense of purpose.
  • You’ve lost your identity.
  • You’re unsatisfied with your accomplishments, personal relationship and your finances.
  • You feel lonely despite being surrounded by friends and family.
  • You find difficulty with making the transition from university/college to a work environment.
  • Feelings of wanting to be back at university, school or college.
  • A sense that everyone is doing better or is much happier than you.
  • You feel confused, anxious and uncertain about what to do next
  • You’re thinking ‘Crap, is this it?’ when you actually get to the place you have been aiming for!

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a practice which allows people the opportunity to learn how to do things differently and create positive changes in their lives. As one of my clients, you will learn:

  • How to recognise and challenge limiting beliefs.
  • Incredible self-belief and how to tap into more of it when needed.
  • About what is important to you and what you really want from your life.
  • Strategies for identifying patterns that are keeping you stuck and new behaviour that will support you in building momentum.
  • Communication skills that will change your personal and professional relationships.
  • Techniques to use your mind and to self-talk in a way that helps you to become your own coach rather than your worst critic.
  • Self-care to support your physical health and overall well-being
  • To take action towards reaching your aspirations.

Do you work with other coaches?

Yes absolutely! I am a member of a professional coaching panel and regularly work with student coaches. Also, in association with Positive Success Group, I have developed a 3 month online coaching programme called ‘Kick-Start Your Coaching Business. Click here to find out more!

I always try to keep myself challenged and moving forward so I always work with my own coach as well, sometimes even two! One for business and one for personal goals!

Your website is very girly! Do you work with men?

I agree, it is very girly but hey, I’m a girl! I market to women but I work with both men and women of all ages. In fact, approx 50% of my private one-to-one clients are men.  If what I am saying or doing resonates with you, then please get in touch. However, my online group programmes are exclusively for women at the present moment.

Do you work with clients in different age groups?

My area of expertise and my business focus is quarter-lifers 20-35 age group. But, I have also had great results working with clients in their 40s, 50s and 60s! Anyone who is aged under twenty, I review on a case-by-case basis but unfortunately I don’t work with anyone under 18.

What are your payment terms, cancellation and refund policy?

Payment details for all programmes can be found at the bottom of the relevant programme page. I offer flexible payment plans for all of the programmes. Any cancellations for one-to-one sessions need to be made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment or will be charged.

For all my programmes and courses, I want you to be thrilled and delighted so if you aren’t happy with the content covered and/or materials, just contact me before you are half-way through the programme for a full refund. No questions asked! PLEASE NOTE: Your commitment is important to the success of this programme and I cannot offer refunds for non-participation.

What are your qualifications and experience?

  • N. Cert in Business and Industrial Relations
  • BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
  • P. Dip in Law
  • Certificate in Coaching
  • Advanced Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching with Positive Success Group
  • FETAC Diploma in Coaching
  • GoTo Career Coaching Licence
  • 6 month mentoring with Fiona Harrold, the UK’s top Life Coach
  • Crew member for Tony Robbins Life & Wealth Mastery University
  • Over 6,000 hours studying coaching and working with individuals
  • I have also invested €10,000 in my training over the past 10 years
  • Headed up the Career Clinic for the Jobs Expo and Which Course Expo
  • Master Coach with qualifications in Career Coaching, Wellness Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Is the coaching industry regulated?

No. This means that an individual needs no formal qualifications or training to set up a business as a coach. If you are looking to work with a coach, please always ask about their training and experience.

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