Get Clear. Get Brave. Get Going.


This is a 6 month journey for determined and open hearted women who want to make 2019  & 2020 absolutely incredible. 

 Are you ready to Get Clear, Get Brave and Get Going?


It is TIME to activate your dreams and TAKE ACTION.

To Elevate.


  • You are, in general, positive about life! (Don’t worry, I know you’ll have ups and downs but overall, you’d see yourself as a glass half full kinda gal!)
  • You’re hungry to start making progress on your wants, needs, wishes. You know what you need to do but you need a kick in the ass to get it done!
  • You are committed to putting it all out there: your dreams, your doubts, your fears and your challenges.
  • You are ready to be honest with yourself and get real about what is and isn’t working in your life.
  • You’re willing to put in the work needed to make it happen
  • You know that you are worthy of a happy, successful, meaningful life (even if you doubt this at times) and are ready to allow the good stuff in!
  • You’ve been dreaming about having the support of someone who gets you!


  • You’re not willing to commit to yourself and your growth for 6 months.
  • You’re not willing to take ownership of your actions and choices.
  • You think life is shit and believe that things will always be hard.

understand that everything you are craving is within your reach,
NOW is the time to spark up the courage to go after your dreams, and to commit to your happiness.

What will you do with the next 6 months?


Will you end a toxic relationship, choose a healthy one, fall in love with your soul mate or fall in love with yourself? Will you get in the best shape of your life or start your business? Will you tackle that crazy big goal on your list? Will you sign up for that marathon and get your runners on, go after a promotion, leave your job, move country, stop smoking or drinking? Will you become the mama you’ve always wanted to be?  Will you learn to rekindle that spark and passion in your relationship? Will you make new friends and part ways with old friends you’ve outgrown? Will you start to write your novel, choose to travel for a few months, buy your dream house or finally commit to pursuing your big scary dream?

It’s all possible. You know what you want, you just need to start doing it.


Will you finally accept that you are fucking amazing without doubting yourself or playing small? Will you ooze that inner confidence that’s come from knowing your own worth? Will you learn how to savour the gorgeousness of the world around you?  Will you implement a daily gratitude practice? Will you learn how to be the leader of your own mind and of your own life? Will you learn how to smack down mind monkeys in their tracks before you start to spiral downwards into negativity? Will you start to ask yourself the hard questions with compassion, or start to truly honour your values and your needs?  Will you play bigger in your life with your talents? Will you love your body, or embrace uncertainty? Will you stay true to who you are even when you’re around other people or in a new relationship? Will you be able to easily know what you want and have the courage to ask for what you need? Will you start to allow other people give to you? Will you know how to stand up for yourself and tell the truth kindly?

It’s all possible.

Take a minute here babe.
Sit back, close your eyes, and visualise YOURSELF in 2019.

vision pin Imagine what it would feel like to be sitting here in a few months time, knowing you didn’t procrastinate for another year or make excuses to put off your personal work. 

How would you feel reveling in the FACT that you spent quality time getting clear on your highest priorities, creating fiercely ambitious yet conquerable action plans, and then truly activating your desires? How would you feel looking back thinking, ‘Fuck me, I did it!’

Imagine what you could do with 6 months of loving support, accountability and action taking…..

Imagine creating magic in your life one day at a time — one hurdle, one baby step, one brave declaration, one clean break, one new habit — at a time.

Imagine loving the life you live and living the life you love.

It would feel amazing, wouldn’t it?

That is what I want for you, simple as that.

But I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it alone…

I don’t know about you but personally, I think there’s something really comforting knowing you have months of loving support to make it happen, no?

of excitement, hard questions, unconditional encouragement,
and really calling out the  bullshit when you start getting in your own way.

The 2019 “Get Clear, Get Brave, Get Going” Programme includes

1 x VIP Day Coaching  (approx 5 hours) to Kick Off where we dream and scheme and get you completely clear on what the next 6-12 months will be for you

90 minute COACHING sessions with PAULA every month (6 sessions),

FORTNIGHTLY check in and accountability

ACCESS TO ANY OF MY ONLINE COURSES which will be beneficial to you,


It’s 6 months because I want you to remain dedicated to your dreams and focused on the possibilities ahead of you for that length of time.  I want you to have the chance to ride the rollercoaster of motivation and life with me by your side. I want you to learn the powerful skill of grounding yourself when you feel lost or disconnected. I want you to have 6 months of support to integrate new habits, to take action and make changes in a way that works for you and your life.

We will be starting our adventure together with a VIP Day/Thrash it Out Day in Dublin City or online via Zoom where we’ll start dreaming and scheme your incredible 2019

YOU WILL BE VISIONING YOUR 2019, getting clarity around your values, your beliefs and desires so that we are able to start creating your action plans.

Illuminating questions, wholehearted listening, and soulful strategies for life and work.

By the end, we’ll have dug deep and worked, laughed and cried our way through 6 months together. No topic is off limits and we may have covered everything from sex to money, passion to contribution, speaking our truth to using our power. We’ll have witnessed magic together. You will have pushed your edges and taken some scary leaps, but gratefully enjoyed the journey.

What else is included in ‘Get Clear, Get Brave, Get Going’? Read on.

Access to any current or upcoming Quarter Life Coach Course for additional learning — Right now, we’re talking The Fairy Godmother Programme, All You Need is Love and Conquer Your Career Crisis, Kick Start Your Coaching Business as well as anything else I create during 2019!

Surprises. Like in the goody packages in the mail. A call out of the blue to sing you a song! Happy Unbirthday pressies!  You know — surprises!

I’ve got your back. If you’re about to do something scary, I will know and I will support you. If you’re going through a rough time and need a pep talk, we can hop on the phone. This is what it’s like…….

Sounds good?

Click here to schedule in a chat with me!

Questions, Concerns…  You can easily reach me at paula @ myquarterlifecoach [dot] com — please understand, however, I don’t work evenings or weekends!

And if you somehow made it to the bottom of this page and don’t have a clue who I am?


big pic


 I’m Paula. Founder of The Quarter Life Coach! Coach. Teacher. wife. Sister. Mama. Scaredy Cat Adventurer. Truth Teller. Bullshit Caller!

Get Clear, Get Brave, Get Going is the most personalized way I deliver my coaching and make a contribution to the world by being myself.  By empowering women to get clear on what they want and do the work to make it happen!

I hope you choose to go for it  and decide to sign up!  

Excuse my language, but it’s a fucking fantastic way to spend 6 months!!

For those of you brave enough to act on your hunch, apply for this extended coaching partnership, and partner with me as your coach for the next 6 months… I’m honoured and extraordinarily excited to be part of your life.

Ready to make this dream a reality?

I can’t wait to see who will be joining me on this adventure in 2019