Confidence Coaching


This Confidence & Self Worth Coaching programme is a 2 month 1:1 coaching partnership. It’s designed to get you crystal clear on what you want, put a plan in place and start actually making it happen. Within this programme, there is ass kicking and accountability combined with compassion and bucket loads of loving support.


Is a lack of confidence,  self-esteem or self worth holding you back in your life, your career/business or your relationships? Well, if so, then confidence & self worth coaching is exactly what you need.

This is for you if:

  • You have big ideas but are feeling stuck and unmotivated
  • You avoid speaking up or standing up for yourself
  • You’re holding yourself back in different areas of life and you know it- you feel the urge to do it but you always resist
  • You get in your own way and procrastinate
  • You are constantly doubting yourself and your abilities, comparing yourself to everyone else and feeling like you’re falling short
  • You put other people’s feelings and needs ahead of your own. You sacrifice, say yes when you want to say no and give everything to others
  • You avoid conflict so tend to people please but you’re aware that you’re fighting a war within yourself
  • You’re scared that if you were yourself, if you spoke up, if you said no, if you did that thing you wanted to do- that people you care about would disapprove, distance themselves from you or leave
  • You keep wondering ‘what will other people think’….
  • You know this is just the tip of the iceberg and this shows up in so many others ways in your life and work

I’ve been working as a life coach for nearly 10 years and a lack of confidence, self esteem and self worth is what I see over and over again. And I totally get it, I’ve been there and I’ll be honest, when I’m not taking care of myself and implementing the strategies I teach, my own confidence and feelings of being good enough or worthy enough takes a nose dive too.

But I do know what works and I know the difference it can make in your life when your confidence and self worth rises.

You rise.

So, if you have an aching in your heart telling you that you’re only half living your life …… sign up for Confidence & Self Worth Coaching today and let’s start making magic happen for you.

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4 Sessions.  2 Months. Who will you become?


I help women in their 20s and 30s to build their self worth and confidence. Together we identify and breakthrough any blocks and sabotages that you have so that you are finally able to show up as yourself, with confidence, joy and consistency in your life and work.

Phase 1: Awareness

Awareness is the incredibly powerful skill of listening to yourself. Tuning into the wisdom, truth, desires and lessons within you and shutting out all the ‘noise’ around you. Becoming aware of what is working, what’s not working by looking at your life with someone holding your hand and who has your back. Once we become aware of how we hold ourselves back, where we hold ourselves back and why we hold ourselves back- it shifts the power back to us.

Phase 2: Alignment

Alignment happens when you what you truly care about and where you focus your resources are connected. During this phase, we’ll uncover where your personal and precious resources of time, energy and focus are currently being spent and what needs to change. This is the wakeup call you’ve been waiting for as this means facing the truth. We’ll be digging deep into courage, worthiness and boundaries in this session.

Phase 3: Activation

It’s time for you to bloom- to start acknowledging and reclaiming who you are so that you start showing up for your life. You will declare your values and your vision for the woman you’re becoming and the life you’re creating for yourself. Together we will put together a personalised medicine bag of tools, techniques and strategies that you can call upon anytime you need it.

Phase 4: Action

Action is about taking step after step after step in honour of yourself and your life vision- even if it feels really fucking hard and scary! But I will have your back and at this stage in our coaching partnership, you will be able to lean into your own innate worthiness, power and sovereignty. You’ll have bucket loads of internal resourceful and bounce back ability. You will know what you want. You will claim it. Why? Because you are you and you finally get it.

Sessions are available for via Zoom and video sessions can be recorded for your reference later. Face to face sessions are also available in North County Dublin (subject to a 10% supplement)


Weekly contact via email in between sessions to assist and support you. Recommended books will also be suggested for you.


The investment for this Confidence & Self Worth Coaching 1:1 Partnership is €620. 

You can sign up via this link or hop on the phone with me and see if this is a good fit for you!


Yes, you can spread the payment over time up to 3 months.

If you’ve been over thinking your next step, now it’s time to take action.

Your life is waiting for you.

Who are you waiting for?