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All You Need is Love is an online programme for women who to want to cultivate a strong sense of confidence, self-worth and inner strength.

Why is this important to you?

Because you want to bring forward that part of you that is capable and ready for more of the good stuff- the richness and magic of life! You want to step out into the world, be your true self and connect with other people at a deep level!

This course is a 30-day program about the power of loving yourself. And, let me set this straight – I don’t mean a conceited, cocky self love; I mean a valuing yourself, going after what you want, honouring yourself, knowing your worth and expressing yourself openly type of self love!

It is so incredibly important.  All of the rest of it — everything else you’re wanting in your life like meaningful work, finding your voice, standing up for yourself, asking for what you need and want, putting yourself out there, making new friends as an adult, cultivating new romantic relationships, committing to romantic relationships, making decisions on your future…..- it all sits on the foundation of Love.

This is your chance to join us for 30 days as we explore the difference between self care and self comfort, we learn to tap into our own innate wisdom, we learn to take control of our fears and Heartself doubt, where we work to build up your confidence levels and create a plan so that you can be consistent in your efforts so you can see real positive change.

You get access to a private group, 4 gorgeous workbooks to work through the modules as well as 2 live Q & A coaching sessions with Paula!

Find out more about ‘All You Need is Love’ 30 day coaching programme here!

The Winner will be announced on Thursday 23rd February at 7pm!

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