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When you just aren’t arsed!

This issue of Progress was inspired by one hell of a crappy mood I was in a few weeks ago! You know the days- you’ve been sitting staring at a screen for hours with your ‘to-do’ list beside you but nothing productive has happened from the moment that you sat down. You’ve yawned and stretched a few times, perhaps gotten up to make a 3rd cup of tea and have a rummage in the biscuit tin. Held your head in your hands for about 20 minutes but bottom line, you just couldn’t be arsed to do anything. You’re not sure what’s going on with you but one thing is certain- you just can’t get inspired!

When couldn’t be arsed strikes- what do you do? How do you kick yourself in the arse when you couldn’t be arsed to even kick yourself?

The answer is you don’t.


If you’re running on empty, then the truth is that you’re not going to be any use to anyone anyway! You can’t help or give to others when you’ve nothing left yourself. If you give yourself a talking to, berate yourself and all that, you’re just going to feel worse.

The best thing that you can do here is to lean into it. Lean into not being arsed! (This took me a long time to actually accept! I honestly thought that I needed to be harder on myself and that’s what I did for years when this mood hit me but it never worked!)

So, acknowledge how you feel and give yourself the space and PERMISSION to recharge. Most of the time that is exactly what you need- to take yourself out and look after the most important person in your life- YOU! Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music,  have a nap, paint your nails, have a massage, go to the zoo, whatever! Do something it takes the pressure off.

You’re probably thinking ‘Eh, Paula, that’s the kind of stuff that I do when I don’t feel arsed to be productive- it’s called procrastinating!! ‘ Ah, yes but how do you feel when you’re taking that nap, or watching tv or being at the zoo? I bet you feel guilty and are thinking that you ‘should’ be doing something more productive!

That’s the big difference here- giving yourself permission to have that down time!permission

If you consciously make the decision to take some time out and recharge- you actually feel in control,  recharged and more energised afterwards.

On the other hand, if you’re procrastinating and just trying to distract yourself- you feel bad about it and it sucks more of your energy! Do you follow?

So, next time you feel like you’re not arsed to do something then give yourself permission to STOP! Take a break, do something different and recharge! Pay attention to your needs and give yourself what you need.

I hope you found this issue of Progress helpful! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback so pop over to the facebook page and say hi!

Until next week!

P x