What do I tell my daughter?

What do I tell my daughter?

I lay awake last night watching my gorgeous 14 week baby girl sleep. Before that moment, for most of the night I had been glued to the news and social media watching events unfold in Paris.

It felt raw, terrifying and incredibly surreal- is this really happening? Are people really doing this to others? I know it happens and perhaps I’m naive and live in my bubble so that it only penetrates deep when it’s close to home. The band that played the bataclan, my husband had been at their Dublin gig on Tuesday. It made me feel vulnerable. Is this the world really like this? Violence, hated, terror, war. Is this the world I want my daughter to belong to? Is this the world I want to belong to? My heart said no.

While there is no denying the ugly truth of what happened in Paris, I chose to shift my focus away from the hatred and ugliness and towards Parisians honouring the values of their country yet again.

‪#‎Porteouverte‬ appearing over social media- people opening their doors and homes to those in need in the city.

The football fans singing their national anthem as they were evacuated from stadium.

Taxi drivers around the city bringing people to safety out of kindness and solidarity.

Queues of people waiting in line to donate blood.

People asking ‘what can we do to help?’.

One man pulling up outside the bataclan theatre today with his piano and without words, playing John lennons ‘imagine’.

Cities all around the world changing the colour of their national buildings in support of the people in France.

This is the world I belong to and will teach my daughter to belong to. A world of loving, kind, compassionate and gentle people. I refuse to allow a small number of misguided souls change my world. Now, more than ever is when resilience, loving kindness and compassion is needed. Xxnelson