We’re one month in! Are you excited?

So, we’re one month into the New Year! How is 2018 going for you? Are you feeling excited about your life? Do you feel driven towards achieving what you’d like to achieve this year?

One month in, for many people is a dip. The motivation and drive that was there at the beginning of the year starts to fade away and we got caught up in our day to day living and we forget to design our life the way we want it! You see, many people know what they would like to do but they never do it! The reason is that they’re lacking the drive that only being excited about your life can give you!

Instead of getting excited about the things we want and working towards them, we often turn to worry, feelings of lack, hard work and not good enough!

Think about it, if you’d like to own your own home- do you spend more time feeling excited, looking up brochures of what you really want, getting that clear in your mind and working towards it OR do you spend most of your time focusing on your lack of savings, on the difficulty of getting a mortgage, and on the fear of taking a big step? Whatever you focus on will determine your outcome, it will determine the results that you get!

Your perfect life isn’t going to fall into your lap, you need to go out and make it happen! I’m a big fan of personal power, I honestly believe that most of us haven’t even tapped into the vast resources that we have within ourselves to do, be and have whatever it is we want.

I know you might be thinking, ‘well yeah that sounds great but surely just wanting something  doesn’t just make it all happen?‘ I couldn’t agree with you more. If there’s something that you want in your life, you need to get excited about it! Turn it into a goal and immediately follow that with developing a plan and action steps towards its achievement. You already have the power to do this, you have the power to take action. If you haven’t been able to summon it up until this point, it’s simply because you’re focusing on the fear and difficulty rather than the crazy excitement and good feelings you will have as a result of achieving it!

 Often the things that we want seem so unattainable, they just seem to be too far away from where we are right now and we can’t see how we could possibly get there. That is what stops most people from even trying BUT that’s how it is for everyone.

99% of people don’t know how they’ll achieve what they want to achieve but they go after it anyway, trusting that the path will become clearer as they go.

 Jack Canfield Author of ‘Chicken Soup for The Soul’ described his understanding of this principle…….

“A car driving through the night, the headlights only reach 100 – 200 feet in front of the car. But you could make it all the way from California to New York whilst driving in the dark, because all you have to see is the next 200 feet. And that’s how life tends to unfold before us. If we just trust, the next 200 feet will unfold, and the next 200 feet after that and so on. Your life will keep unfolding and it will eventually get you to the destination of whatever it is that you truly want”.

The important thing is not necessarily that you know how you will achieve what you want, but more so the definite decision that you will go after your dreams and get excited about it! Trust me, just take the first step, and then the next step will come into your view.

Focus and Clarity = Success and Momentum

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Until next time, get excited!

P x