The Wisdom Circle 2018


     The Wisdom Circle- 3 weeks to a Magical 2018


Knowledge is a powerful ally. Gaining knowledge on what is working well, what’s been kinda crappy and what you are really craving right now can really make a huge difference in your life. It can be the difference between a year you feel has spun out of your control and one that feels like you’re aligning with your true self and true desires.

One really important thing that I believe gets skipped during  Christmas and New Year; is setting aside time to gain wisdom and reflect on the past 12 months. We have such an amazing ability to learn, to grow, develop and there are so many lessons available to us from the past 12 months, both failures and successes! The thing is though that if we don’t pay attention to those lessons, we lose them and we lose the knowledge we could have gained from them! (And then we might have to repeat the lesson over and over again!)

Gaining knowledge takes trust. It takes patience. It takes effort. It needs space. It needs attention. It needs energy. It needs you to notice, take heed, pay attention.

That is why I have created this programme- to hold a time and space for you to connect to your own wisdom and your own desires for 2018.

Our 3 weeks together will bring you away from that fuzzy wooly feeling of wondering where the hell time is going to understanding exactly where you’ve been for the past 12 months and exactly what you need in the 12 months to come.

Fancy this?

  • Pulling all the good stuff from 2017 and leaving behind what no longer serves you!
  • Having a community of like-hearted women surround you as you immerse yourself in some powerful personal work.
  • Having a theme for the coming year. Deciding what you are craving and needing and deciding on your theme word for 2018 to pull you back and ground you when things start getting a bit crazy!
  • Holding a sacred space for you to decide what you want to spend your personal resources of time, energy and money on this year!
  • Having built in accountability and fellowship within a private group so that you actually DO THE WORK and don’t get distracted by bright shiny objects!

What’s included?

  • 3 Training calls with Paula leading you through the 3 week course!
  • 9 Sweet Emails to keep you on track and focused
  • Your own gorgeous workbook
  • Fast-track option- you’ll have immediate access to all the training so you can do it all in one go if you like!
  • A private online community of like-hearted women
  • Quarterly check in calls to review your progress and set our intentions for the next quarter!


Week One:

Honour & Release– Gain the Wisdom from 2017 & Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

Week Two:

Your Dreams & Desires for 2018 – Allow yourself to desire and dream what you want for a magical 2018

Week Three:

Determination & Dynamic Action– Turning your dreams and desires into powerful support systems and meaningful action plans!

I’ll be leading you through the training, teaching, story-telling and sharing wisdom with you, having a bit of fun just being myself; you’ll be listening and writing (possibly drinking wine/baileys/tea and having some tasty nibbles!). You have access to all the calls immediately from the 27th December so you can listen to them each week or on your own schedule, anyway works!

There will be no more than 90 minutes a week of challenges to be done each week! I get it, we’re all busy and there’s a million other things striving for your attention! So, we keep it short and sweet to help keep your focus and the group is there to help ground you if you feel a bit lost!

Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to the Wisdom Circle Workbook to use during the training and to complete your challenges in between. (I’d totally recommend that you get it printed out and either have it bound as a little book for yourself or put it in a binder and keep all your notes together!) This way you have your own workbook full of your dreams and desires to refer to all year long. It’s an easy way to check in with yourself and keep yourself on track! (We’ll also be doing community calls every quarter to check in!)

tribe of womenYou’ll also have immediate access to a secret online community which will be our online hub to gather, share our stories and our wisdom! We will work through the challenges together, reveal our revelations and lessons learnt, dream and scheme together, identify what we’ve yearning for in 2018 and celebrate our successes! Seriously though, doing this kind of personal work within the sisterhood of other positive and passionate women just adds that extra level of ass whooping motivation we all need!

You’ll get an email from me 3 times per week during the Wisdom Circle with some journal prompts, call recordings and log in details as well as some Dig Deep challenges for extra points!

I’m going to be honest with you — this is one of my favourite programmes! It’s sisterhood and connection and incredibly powerful

I’m so looking forward to gathering with you to tell stories, hear your stories, share my knowledge, hold space for that crappy stuff that we just need to acknowledge and let go and then celebrate the amazing things both big and small. And seriously, nothing makes me happier than to see you shaking off the old bad habits and mindsets, allowing yourself to dream big, practice gratitude and watch the action planning unveil the magic you will create for yourself in 2018!

The Wisdom Circle was home to over 300 women from around the world in 2016 & 2017 and I hope to have the privilege of working with you all again!

Investment €65

The total cost for the Wisdom Circle 2018 is ONLY €65 which includes the FAST-TRACK option and our three community calls throughout 2018 to keep us on track.

If you’d like to spread the payments over two months – 2 x monthly payments of €33, click here!

If you’d like to spread the payments over 3 months – 3 x monthly payments of €22, click here!


I’m truly hoping that I’ll see you in the online Group!

This January, have a toast to gathering together in sisterhood, to creating time and space to honour our wisdom and our dreams!

Want to help spread the word about The Wisdom Circle?  Feel free to share this with anyone you think you would love it!

I’ll see you soon!


Love Paula