Progress: Celebrations

Celebrate what you want to see more of- Thomas J. Peters

I made an interesting discovery two weeks ago, it was something I had discovered a few times in the past and vowed to do something about it but after a few days, weeks etc I fell back into my old ways and forgot about my discovery. So what was my recurring discovery?
It’s the need to Celebrate.

We’re all great at putting on the fancy dresses, make up and impossible to walk in shoes and throwing a party for a birthday, wedding, engagement, christening- any of the major celebrations but what do we do for all of our own small day-to-day victories? What most people do is either ignore them completely or give out to themselves for not doing that bit better!

It sounds a bit crazy but think about it for a moment. If you were watching your diet and normally you’d eat a whole bar (or two or three) of chocolate to yourself each day and on this day of your healthy eating buzz, you really want some chocolate so you have 3 pieces. Would you congratulate yourself at the end of that day for your success or would you berate yourself?

Most people would either give themselves a hard time or would just choose to ignore any kind of acknowledgement of what they ate that day. Very few people would give themselves that pat on the back and say to themselves, ‘Well done, I’m proud of me today. I’ve been doing really well and I had a bit of what I fancy and I feel great’.

Celebrating the small victories in life is important. There are so many of them and we’re letting them slip through our fingers without acknowledging them. In doing that- we’re missing out on a lot of joy and happiness. These small victories are really our opportunity to feel good and be grateful. They’re also a chance to reflect on how much we have already accomplished which can give us strength to keep going. Celebrating the smaller things in life is a key habit to develop if you want to live life to the fullest!

Often we don’t celebrate because we don’t know what to do to reward ourselves or we think our accomplishments are petty, we wouldn’t even consider the little victories as being accomplishments! But imagine if you did celebrate your little victories? What difference would it make to your life? What difference would it make to your happiness? Imagine the impact this would have on your day to day life? What are the little every day victories that you are allowing to slip through your fingers? Start paying attention to how magnificent you and life really is!

So, I am challenging you to celebrate! I am challenging you to feel good! Have a boogie around your kitchen! Allow yourself to smile, give yourself a hug or a reward because you’re awesome! Pop over to the facebook page and share what you’re celebrating!

Love life and celebrate!