Meet Paula


I’m Paula. Firstly, I just want to say thanks for coming to my site!big pic

Secondly, I know that if you are here, reading this, it means that something is not quite right in your life now. It could be your career, health, work-life balance, relationships or something else. You’re probably feeling a bit disconnected, unsettled, lost and have probably gotten to the point where you’re looking at your life and asking yourself ‘Is this it?’.

I got to that point a few years ago. I’d studied, worked hard, had a great job (which I hated), a boyfriend for almost 6 years – basically a picture perfect life. But I wasn’t happy, it always felt that there was something missing. It was a challenging time of reflection after which I ended up parting ways with the job and the relationship. But then, I felt even worse! I realised that I had been defining myself by what I did and who I was with! Then, single and jobless – I felt like I didn’t know or trust myself anymore.

I had been reading, studying and training as a coach since the age of 14- I was always drawn to this work but never really applied it to myself. So I began to coach myself, to really figure out what I was about and what I cared about, I had to get clear on exactly what I wanted and create a plan to make it happen. And, I never looked back (well maybe the odd glance!).

I used the last of my redundancy money and invested in my own personal development- which was one of the best decisions I had made in years! When I qualified as a coach, I decided that I wanted to work with others who also had gotten to that point in their twenties and thirties where they looked around and said ‘Crap, is this it?’

Since 2010, I have studied and worked with the best coaches in Ireland, the UK and the States learning the most up-to-date and cutting edge coaching tools in order to ensure that I can offer my clients an amazing service that gets results. That’s what coaching is, it’s making things happen, creating that change you want and getting the results you deserve. (and helping you see that you do actually deserve it!)

Also, I always work with a coach myself- sometimes two! One for business coaching and the other for personal goals! Why? Because I’m just like you– I can get stuck in my own head sometimes and I need a kick in the ass and some perspective to get back on the right track for me!

I’ve been running my own business full-time for the past 4 years, I’ve bought a house, got married to the sweet and sexy Colm and I had a gorgeous baby girl Sarah in August 2015! I’ve turned my life around completely from doing what I thought I ‘should’ be doing to creating a life that is based on who I am, what I want and what is important to me!

I have coached hundreds of individuals in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe to do the same! I learn so much from each client and I’m constantly evolving and updating my own knowledge and expertise. I have headed up the Career Clinic at the Jobs Expo in Croke Park and The Mansion House for the past 3 years, spoken regularly at GradIreland events in the RDS and been featured as an expert guest speaker on The Quarter Life Crisis in numerous radio interviews. I have also been interviewed by and written for, Stellar Magazine, The Washington Post,,, The Irish Independent, The Herald and Image Magazine.

I love what I do and if I won the Euromillions, I’d still show up for our session because this is my passion! Basically, I’m the GoTo girl if you’re struggling in your twenties or thirties!

If you’d like to get to know more about the Quarter Life Crisis and how you can find your way through, please sign up for my free ebook ‘The Secret to Quarter Life Happiness’ and my weekly ezine, join me over on the facebook page or simply drop me a line and say hi!

I look forward to getting you ‘unstuck’!

Love and Respect,