How To Sack Your Boss

Free Webinar ‘How To Sack Your Boss’

Saturday the 18th January at 12pm

Have you been feeling like this?frustrated-md-new

  • Your career just doesn’t fit you anymore or it never did!
  • You’ve been going with the flow for a few years now, hoping that it will get better. It hasn’t.
  • You are craving fulfillment and a sense of purpose.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem is taking a beating
  • You feel completely overwhelmed and you’ve lost all sense of direction.
  • You’re anxious because you’re wasting your precious time and energy but you’re terrified of doing something else in case it’s the wrong decision.
  • You couldn’t bare to still be in this job this time next year.

Is this YOU??? If so, you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!

I know that a lot of you are stuck in a rut in work right now! Over the past few years, I’ve heard it all! Everything to ‘I’m just not passionate about my work‘ to ‘My job is sucking the life out of me‘ to ‘I’m so afraid they’re going to catch me out, I just don’t feel good enough’

Our work is the one area of life that we spend the most time, actually if you’re in your mid-twenties and you plan to retire around 65, you have approx 70,000 hours left in your career!!!

When I heard that figure, I knew that my work had to be something that I loved! Imagine getting to the age of 65 and saying ‘Thank God that’s over, now I can start living!’ No thanks!

So, I’m running a FREE webinar for you that will teach you the 7 steps that you need to take To Sack Your Boss!

We’ll be exploring the reasons why you feel stuck and the 7 steps that you need to take to free yourself up to pursue a career that fits with who you are, that you’re passionate about and most importantly, has meaning for you!

If you can’t make the call live, don’t worry as I’ll send out a recording to everyone who has registered!

To secure your place now, click here!

So make sure you’ve got a pen and paper handy and I’ll chat to you soon!

P x