Getting out of overwhelm

Yesterday was messy! I felt all over the place, like I didn’t have a minute, loads to do but no head space to even make sense of it! I was snappy and mean to Colm and myself- the negative self talk was quite loud! I was even creating extra things to do that weren’t important at all- just to add to my sense of ‘I’m shit and everything is crap’ mood!

Colm was heading to a 40th and I was supposed to hang out with my cousin and sis last night but I text to cancel (even though I really wanted to go!!)

My sis responded saying she understood, to take it easy and have early night as I have a 7 week old baby to look after. I responded with a sad face emoji..

She text me asking ‘from a self love perspective, what do you want to do?’. Great question and I knew the answer.

I told her I would be there- not sure what time but I would.

She said they’d order food for me and have it ready when I got there. Things were picking up!

I went upstairs, put the baby on the bed, hugged my hubby, cried and then jumped in the shower.

It’s incredible the difference it makes when you change your physical state- instead of bitchy and cranky- I let myself be vulnerable, cried and had a hug. Instead of tense neck and shoulders, I let the warm water soothe me.

Ten minutes later, we were ready to go and I had a lovely evening with my family! I had delicious chicken with cashew nuts and steamed rice from the local Thai place, a giant mug of tea and a very generous helping of dairy milk Oreo! (Yum!!)

I got home and Sarah was still asleep so I had a bath with bubbles and lavender oil and then got to bed feeling happy and grateful!

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to change my emotional state and I would been in a pisser for days. It’s taken a long time but I just wanted to acknowledge progress. Life can be crappy and messy and hard and tense and you can struggle with feeling shit and out of control and that’s ok!

But if you want to get out of it, there’s always things you can do!

1. Change your state- shower/cry/hug someone/listen to some music, move your body, go for a walk, eat something if you’re hungry!

2. Do a brain dump! Pen and paper and just write! Get everything out of your head, you don’t have to take any action on what you write down- just get it out of your head!

3. Practice self love- in the midst of the crankiness and pyschoness – consciously do something kind for you. It could be mindfully making yourself a cup of tea- anything at all! Just be kind to yourself

4. Sleep!! Get yourself a decent night sleep! Change the sheets, get to bed early with a good book and hot chocolate! Sleep is a miracle worker sometimes!!

How bout you guys? When’s the last time you got yourself into overwhelm and what did you do to get yourself out of it?

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