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Who’s afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

An issue that has been coming up in recent months from many of my private coaching clients has been the sense of frustration and powerlessness they feel in relation to their career. There is a wide variety of reasons that I hear such as uncertainty about whether their contract will be renewed (whether they actually want it renewed or not!), being afraid to speak up for fear of losing their job, afraid to rock the boat, putting up with a manager that you can’t stand and the biggest one (drum roll please!!!!) is being in a job that you really hate!! A job that is draining your energy and passion for life!!

In the current climate, if you start complaining about any aspect of your job, you can almost be guaranteed that someone will pitch in with

‘Stop complaining, sure you’re lucky to have a job at all. Think of all the people who’d give anything to be in your position. Don’t be getting too big for your boots! Put your head down, keep your mouth shut and just get on with it’.

Unfortunately, too many people listen to this advice.

The amusing thing about this is that for many people- it’s the voice in their own head offering them up this fabulous advice! More than likely-

YOU are the big bad wolf!

We may try and convince ourselves that it’s the company, it’s our boss, it’s the economy, that we have no control and therefore no power. But I don’t buy that and the reason why I don’t buy it is because I been there, told myself the same thing as well and I’ve learnt from it and discovered the truth. Also, I’ve been working with private clients for the past 18 months on this exact issue who have been telling themselves the same thing as well but then we got to the truth.

The truth is that no matter how bad the situation is at work, for now, it’s less scary than the unknown and THAT IS WHY YOU ARE STILL THERE.

So how do you overcome this?

You start getting to know yourself and what you want!

Think about this for a minute, if you:

  • Knew what you’d love to do instead of your current work,
  • Knew what your transferable skills were,
  • Knew how much value you could add to any organisation,
  • Knew what your passions were,
  • Knew exactly what you needed from your career
  • Knew that you had a kick ass CV
  • Knew that you could ace an interview,
  • Researched and built up a network of people who could help you to move into an area you loved

 If you had all that information and knowledge, would you feel more confident in putting yourself out there and going for something you would love to do?

The answer is Hell Yeah!!’ (Just in case you weren’t sure!!)

This is something that YOU have control over! The answers are within you, you just haven’t been asking yourself the right questions!

If you need to get to know yourself, get to know what you want and bust out of your Career Crisis then check out my 8 week ‘Conquer Your Career Crisis’ Programme starting Friday the 12th September and get ready to take back control and make some big changes!!

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Love and Respect,