Welcome to The Quarter Life Coach

Are You?

  • At a point in your 20’s or 30’s, where you are asking yourself ‘Is This It?’
  • Do you feel like life has lost its magic?
  • Are you stuck, lost or frustrated with the direction (or lack thereof!) that your life is going in?
  • Struggling to make decisions as to what to do next?
  • Hate your job and would love to do something different but are holding yourself back?
  • Afraid it will never happen for you?
  • Feel that everyone else is doing much better and is much happier that you are?

Well, you are definitely in the right place!

Life can be messy. It can be tough and frustrating when you feel like you’re a million miles away from where you thought you would be. You know you need to make a change. But change can be a real pain in the ass – how do you know if you’re making the right decision? There are so many possibilities and it feels overwhelming! How can you know what’s the right thing to do? It doesn’t help that the voice in your head is also telling you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough or not brave enough to make it happen.

But you know what?

I believe that you already know that you’re capable of so much more! That you are more than capable of being happy and living your dream. That’s why you’re here reading this now, you’re searching for an answer that will help you move away from that anxious feeling in your heart and towards a life that is truly yours.

Yep, I said it! I believe it with all my heart because I’ve experienced it personally and I have seen it through my work with private clients. And through coaching, I get the chance to help you discover this radical concept of happiness for yourself!

So tell me, is this what you want?

  • To gain clarity about who you are at the core of your being and how to take action towards owning your own life.
  • To spend your personal resources of time, money, energy and love on the things in your life that you actually care about.
  • To realise your potential and strengths in pursuit of passionate work.
  • To have a clear life vision and focus so that you finally feel like you’re self-directing your own life.
  • To learn how to say no without feeling guilty and be able to deal with negative emotions.
  • To overcome that feeling of ‘not good enough’.
  • Ultimately, to unleash your inner strength and personal power!

Great! Because that’s what I’m here for!

Check out ‘Working with Paula’ for details of the coaching packages and programmes I offer.


I’ll be taking a break from coaching from mid-July until the end of September as I’ll be a new mama and adjusting to my new normal! This means that I’m fully booked up with private clients until the end of September. If you would like to work with me from October please drop me a line anytime to register your interest! (It may take me a few days to come back to you!)

Half-Day ‘Thrash It All Out Sessions’- I have limited (4) of these sessions left between now and mid-July. This is probably my favourite session with clients because it’s intensive where we sit down together for about 4 hours and really work through everything (stop for lunch and coffees etc as well!), thrash it out, get that clarity on what you want to do, uncover what is most important to you in life, why you make decisions the way you do and if that is serving you in terms of what you really want for yourself in life. We’ll look at what you want for yourself in life, figure out what’s been getting in the way, identify areas that you need to build on and exactly how you can do that, and then create a plan for making it happen!

There will be ‘homework’ for you to do- coaching is a lot like personal training- I can show you what you need to do but you’ll need to put in the work then yourself as well! We’ll also do a follow up within 2 weeks (via phone/email) to see how things are going and tweak anything that needs to be tweaked. Drop me a line to get your session booked in now!

So remember, I ask the hard questions, provide solid support and help you pursue your passions with mindfulness, honesty and hope. Whether you want to dive into the personal work one-on-one, sign up to ‘All You Need is Love‘ or join the community on Facebook, just take the first step right now because Quarter Life Coaching is the most rewarding gift you’ll ever give yourself.

If you want a life that you are proud of, then click here!